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When:  Sunday, November 12, 2017, 10AM – 5:30PM
Where:  Physical Therapy Unlimited, 23 Mountain Blvd, Warren, NJ 07059

Early Registration of $159 available thru Oct 29th

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  • Are you Longing to Touch the Bliss of your Transcendent self? Would you like to release Stress, Anxiety and Negative Habits?

  • Experience the Joy, Confidence, and Focus possible when the Higher Brain is energized

  • Access Higher States of Consciousness

  • Awaken the “physiological pathways of enlightenment” that lie dormant within you

Higher Brain Living® is an exclusive technique that sends a surge of energy to the higher part of your brain to melt away stress and experience more joy, abundance, and freedom.

Higher Brain Living® is a novel personal brain development technique that frees the fear based lower brain from stress physiology. It is a one of a kind gentle touch technique and system that opens the gateway for true expansion and integral life transformation. Through the HBL process, clients are cued into a new physiology necessary to create a lasting and sustainable new way of being.

But more than simply a physiological change, HBL clients receive the methodology and a guidebook to perceive insights, to mark their progress, and to create a lifelong map of their personal growth.

You can have access to the wisdom of your true nature, your authentic self. You can become awakened to your true potential and develop a sustained method to reenergize yourself every day.  Let your brain be free to help you become the change which you seek.

Is it time to reboot and jump-start your life? Join us!!
This Retreat Day is Facilitated by Higher Brain Living Mastery Facilitators
Dr. Nikki Conte, N.D. and Lauren Joyce, L.M.T.